Workers Compensation

California requires workers’ compensation programs protect injured workers. Unfortunately, employers and insurers don’t always understand the severity of a serious accident injury employees sustained on the job or don’t support the injured workers’ attempt to receive just compensation.

Because every workers’ compensation claim is unique, it is important you are represented by an attorney who is fully equipped to handle your case. The Law Offices of Andy Katz helps injured workers maximize the benefits they are entitled to. If an accident, occupational hazard or condition of the job have caused physical injury, psychological problems, or a permanent disability requiring vocational rehabilitation, contact our law offices, to see if we can assist in any way. Your initial consultation is free and can be conducted in person or by phone if you are unable to reach our office due to your present condition.


Your employer is required to pay you for all time worked in California, though the definitions and laws regulating work can be complicated and confusing. Contact us if you have a question about whether your are owed overtime, double time, commissions, wages, bonus pay, or pay for meal or rest breaks. We want to help you understand the complexities of California wage law including what overtime is, what prevailing wage is, and when you are an exempt versus non-exempt employee. If you haven’t received all of the compensation you deserve, you may be able to file a claim against your employer. An experienced attorney can help you determine the value of your unpaid wage claim, which may include the wages you are owed, interest, penalties and other damages. Contact the Law Offices of Andy Katz for a free consultation to discuss your situation and whether our firm can help.


Sometimes employers take adverse action against an employee who gets injured, files a claim, has a disability or is discriminated against because of their race, sex, or sexual orientation. When this happens, it is important the employee seeks legal advice. Andy is dedicated to the idea of good faith employment and will work diligently to asses your case.Andy Katz has unique experience handling retaliation/discriminatory claims, especially ones that relate to workers’ compensation claims. He can effectively evaluate your situation and determine if you have a strong discriminatory action claim and what are the best ways to get you the rights and compensation you deserve.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation. Only through reviewing documents and hearing details specific to your case can we determine what the best course of action is. Your consultation is always free and the firm is happy to help with anything we are able to.


Health Insurance Bad Faith: Delay or denial of medically necessary care or disability benefits can be frustrating and devastating. Insurance companies play an important role in protecting people, as such they are required to deal with you as a policyholder fairly and in good faith. This means they must follow some basic principles: The insurance companies must place the interests of the insured on the same level as their own. They must rely on accurate, unbiased information and not rely on speculation. They must investigate all bases to pay a claim thoroughly. They must do whatever they can to assist the claimant in perfecting the claim. They must tell the truth. If the health insurance company wrongfully denies benefits or breaches the duty of good faith and fair dealing, it can be liable for insurance bad faith. If you think that your health insurance company has acted in bad faith by delaying or denying medically necessary health care or disability benefits, contact the Law Offices of Andy Katz today. Our firm can help you through the appeals process, and determine if you are eligible to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company at fault. For more information, please schedule a free consultation.

Consumer Protection

The Law Offices of Andy Katz seeks justice for clients with various types of consumer protection matters, including:

  • Defective medical devices and drugs
  • Dangerous consumer products
  • Fraudulent or misleading advertising
  • Rental housing safety and habitability violations
  • Illegal dumping of toxic materials
  • Regulatory advocacy and legal action for clean energy, air, and water


Because the vast majority of Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSD) and SSI claims are denied at the initial claim and reconsideration levels, most SSD and SSI claims will need to go to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ) before a claimant can hope to receive disability benefits. Our firm has a high level of understanding and expertise with Social Security rules and regulations. The Law Offices of Andy Katz can many things to ensure that an SSDI or SSI claim will have the best chance of winning. This includes tracking down important medical records and test results, obtaining detailed statements from a claimant’s treating physicians, and, analyzing regulations during the adjudication process. Our offices are dedicated to helping people with disabilities get the support and assistances they need.